GOLD STAR WIFE Describes Being Attacked, Spit On by Hateful Leftists Outside Veteran’s Ball in DC (VIDEO)


Travis Manion and Brendan Looney were roommates at the naval academy and became as close as brothers. One became a Marine stationed in Iraq, the other, a Navy Seal in Afghanistan. Both died in action years apart and were laid to rest side-by-side in Arlington’s National Cemetery.
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** There was a Facebook page set up to tell the story of the two friends and heroes.

How Two Friends Came to Rest Side by Side at Arlington National Cemetery

On Friday night a far left mob attacked the SISTER and WIFE of Travis Manion and Brendan Looney.
Ryan Manion wrote about the attack at

I have a deep love for my country. I also have a profound respect for our civic duties, including public service, voting, and peaceful demonstration. I appreciate all of those who left their warm houses this weekend to voice their opinion either celebrating our new president or peacefully voicing their dissent.

But what happened to me and one of my best friends and co-worker, Amy Looney, under the false notion of “protesting” showed an ugly side of America that needs to be known.

On Friday, Amy and I were assaulted by angry “protesters” outside the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel, where the American Legion hosted a tribute to Medal of Honor recipients at their Veterans Inaugural Ball. We were pushed by a man in a mask hiding his face. Our clothes were drawn on with permanent marker by other “protesters.” And we were called the most vile names I have ever heard as we entered and exited the venue.

What the individuals who assaulted us did not know is that I am the sister of Marine First Lt. Travis Manion, and Amy is the wife of Navy SEAL Lt. Brendan Looney, who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Travis was killed in 2007, and Brendan in 2010.

We understand more than most how fortunate we are to live in a country where we can demonstrate and share our different beliefs. But my question for those who chose to take this route Friday is this: Are you truly accomplishing anything by inciting hate?

Badger Pundit has more here.

On Tuesday Amy Looney, the wife of Brendan Looney, told FOX Business Network how she was attacked and spit on by liberals as she fought to get inside the Veteran’s Ball in Washington DC.

How horrible!

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