Former Reid Aide Uses Dead Syrian Toddler To Attack Trump; Toddler Died During OBAMA’S Presidency!

Democratic Aide Politicizes The Death Of Toddler

Former Democratic Senator Harry Reid’s deputy chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, is under fire for a tweet that he sent out on Tuesday attacking President Trump.

The attack comes as President Trump is expected to sign an executive order that according to Reuters:”would block the entry of refugees from war-torn Syria and suspend the entry of any immigrants from Muslim-majority Middle Eastern and African countries Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen while permanent rules are studied.”

Jentleson said that Trump’s policies would be to blame for the deaths that are similar to the picture that he featured in his tweet.


His tweet reads: “This is someone Trump would ban from entering America.”

According to the Washington Examiner, “The boy’s body washed up on a Turkish beach in early September and went viral for how it depicted the plight of those trying to escape violence in Syria for Europe.”

For some reason Jentleson feels that it is appropriate to attack President Trump with an image of a dead toddler that died not only during Obama’s Presidency but as a result to the mess in Syria that Obama helped create.

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