Far Left Hopes to Destroy L.L. Bean After Founder’s Granddaughter Donates to TRUMP

L. L. Bean is facing a boycott by a far left group called Grab Your Wallet because the founder’s granddaughter supported Donald Trump.

The fascist left is out to punish anyone who does not support their failed Socialist agenda.

Shannon Coulter, the co-founder of Grab Your Wallet, told the Portland Press Herald, that L.L. Bean needed to understand that “there are repercussions for their company’s brand and bottom line when consumers learn what their leaders are up to in terms of politics.”

Linda Bean of L. L. Bean told FOX and Friends this morning the employees will be the ones who are hurt if the fascist left succeeds with their boycott.

Donald Trump thanked Linda Bean for her support this morning.

You can support the company by ordering from their website here.
They have a 25% off sale going on right now.

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