Hah-Hah! Unhinged Hack Keith Olbermann Pleads For POTUS Trump To Resign (Video)

Crazy Keith Olbermann Wants POTUS Trump To Resign

Keeping true to the far left mantra, Olbermann threw out accusations and insults at Donald Trump in a recent video post without any facts to back them up.

This nut seems to truly believe the nonsense he’s spewing.

Olbermann — It’s time for Donald Trump to resign as president. Admittedly, it has been an interesting couple of days”.

The left considers it “an interesting couple of days” when POTUS Trump accomplished more over the weekend than President Obama did in 8 years.  Trump withdraw from TPP with great support from Union leaders, passed executive order on the Keystone Pipeline, cracked down on sanctuary cities, bombed ISIS, etc.  It was an interesting couple of days indeed!

Olbermann — “This man is not of sound mind.”

This line that Trump is deranged or not of sound mind is typical fall back line for liberals and shows just how low they will go when insulting our president. Disgusting! Olbermann continued his lecture with a jab at President Trump and the media.

Olbermann — “At the CIA, Trump told the agents he has a running war with the media. He does not have a running war with the media. He has a running war with reality.”

Listen to the rest from Keith Olbermann and decide who has a war with reality and who is sane…


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