#FakeNews: Media Falsely Reports Trump Removed MLK Bust From Oval Office

The news media did it again. Friday night the Internet was ablaze over a false spread report by White House reporters that President Donald Trump had removed a bust of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Oval Office that had been placed there by his predecessor President Barack Obama. The controversy was fueled by the reappearance in the Oval Office of the Winston Churchill bust removed by Obama.

“When I met Trump as President elect I asked him to return the Churchill bust to the Oval Office. First day:”

“The Martin Luther King jr. Bust has been moved out of the Oval Office according The People Magazine DC Bureau Chief who was in there this pm”

“From White House pool reporter @toddgillman: the MLK bust is no longer in the Oval Office. A bust of Winston Churchill is back though.”


“Hours after Trump inaugurated, Martin Luther King bust is out of Oval Office. Bush-era Winston Churchill bust returns, per @justinsink”

“will we have as much of a collective freak out over the MLK bust being removed from the Oval as we did about the Churchill bust? prob not”

After much angst and hatred aimed at Trump, corrections were posted.

“Correction from a White House aide: the MLK bust is still there, unseen by pool.”

“Correction: The MLK bust is still in the Oval Office. It was obscured by an agent and door.”

“Tweeting again: wh aide confirms the MLK bust is still there. I looked for it in the oval 2x & didn’t see it. My apologies to my colleagues”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer posted a photo of the MLK bust in the Oval Office Friday night.

“Thanks to White House Chief of Staff for this wonderful picture of the MLK bust in the oval”

“The pooler has made a correction on the King Bust. It remains in the Oval Office.”

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