FAKE QUOTES: Lying Cory Booker Tweets Fake Benjamin Franklin Quote To Attack Trump


Cory Booker Continues His Pattern Of Lies

Cory Booker is viewed by many as being the definition of a fake politician. He has a presence that is more “fake” and “cheesy” than the worst TV evangelist.

Booker is also a disgraceful Senator who decided to testify against fellow Senator Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing, the first time that has ever happened in American history.

Now the Senator thinks it’s appropriate to put fake quotes on social media that attack President Trump.


Below is the fake quote that Booker is using to try to cite division and rebellion against authority in the United States.

Booker will eventually take these quotes down once people call him out enough to the point that it becomes embarrassing, which is why we took screenshots.

Even the left leaning Snopes says this is completely made up.

From Snopes:

We were unable to locate any evidence that Benjamin Franklin ever said it was the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.

Booker is a diva with a clear need for attention which is why he not only testified against Sessions as that garnered national attention but he also made up a fake friend and has told countless stories while campaigning about he and his fake friend.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Booker’s little fake friend earlier in January.







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