Facebook Reinstates ‘God Emperor Trump’ Page After Public Outrage For Banning It

God Emperor Trump Is Back

Facebook has reversed it’s decision to ban the God Emperor Trump Facebook Page according to a press release by God Emperor Trump and as evident by the page being back to fully operational.

Liberal Facebook made an a decision to ban the page which has roughly 212,000 ‘Likes’ by unpubling that page at approximately 1 a.m. on January 10, 2017. No reason was given, no content was removed, and no admins received individual punishment. The notification at the top of the page implies ‘hate speech’ is what provoked the action.

After receiving cries of outrage for banning the page Liberal Facebook decided to reinstate the page to prevent further damage to it’s reputation of censoring conservative news.


God Emperor Trump released this press statement:

From God Emperor Trump:

God Emperor Trump has been completely restored. The page is back in its entirety. We received no explanation or notification from Facebook.

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