Ex-CIA Officer: Truth is Clinton Stole Sanders’ Nomination & Was Bad Candidate (VIDEO)

CIA Whistle-Blower Says Don’t Believe CIA

Ex-CIA Analyst turned Whistle-blower, John Kiriakou, told RT in an interview on Tuesday that the reluctance to release proof of the alleged Russian hacking aimed at swaying the US election in Donald Trump’s favor indicates it “doesn’t exist.”

From RT:

Instead of collecting the “cold-hard facts and present those facts as evidence,” US intelligence agencies went for a second option, handing over the matter to analysts “in the absence of facts,” who then made “analytical conclusions based on the bits and pieces that they are able to collect,” Kiriakou said, commenting on the recently-released ODNI report.

“We have something that have been massaged by the CIA analysts and they have drawn analytical conclusions based on what little evidence they have,” the CIA officer-turned-whistleblower said.

“If this hacking actually took place, there would be an electronic trail back to the point of origin. We haven’t seen any electronic trail. We haven’t heard anything coming from the director of the NSA saying that there had been a successful hack,” Kiriakou said, adding that the NSA’s silence on the matter leads him to believe that “the evidence doesn’t exist.”…

…“In fact, if you look at this report that the Democratic Party issued, the evidence is not overwhelming. That, coupled with the fact that the Democrats did not allow the FBI access to the server, just makes me think that there’s nothing behind the story,” Kiriakou said.

Kiriakou further warned that the assessments given in the report should be treated with extreme caution, as US intelligence agencies have a record of duping the American public. Back in 2013, NSA Director James Clapper was accused of perjury by several US State Senators after it emerged he lied under oath while assuring Congress the NSA did not collect data of the American citizens.  

“I really don’t believe anything that comes out of the intelligence community that is meant for the consumption of the American people. The CIA record on this issue, on the honesty to the American people is dismal, frankly,” Kiriakou said.

“The truth of the matter, and I say this with a heavy heart, because I’m a lifelong Democrat… is that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. The evidence shows that Hillary Clinton essentially stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Kiriakou said, noting that Clinton’s own conspiracies rebounded back on her.    

“That is why Hillary Clinton lost this election, not because of any hacking scandal,” he concluded.

The statements from this ex-CIA officer add to the growing list of credible sources that say that the Russian Hacking story is not true. WikiLeaks has been very outspoken about this and has made numerous statements providing thoughtful insight which dismantles the Russian Hacking story as well as it’s founder, Julian Assange stating on numerous occasions that Russia was not the source.


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