EPIC! Elizabeth MacDonald PUMMELS ‘Alienating, Elitist, Finger-Wagging’ Democrats (VIDEO)


FBN Host: Democrats Are So ‘Alienating, Finger-wagging, They’ve Lost Their Mind’… Get On the Stick!

FOX News Business host Elizabeth MacDonald pummeled Democrat leaders who are meeting today in West Virginia to discuss how to talk to working class voters.

Democratic politicians have obliterated the Middle Class for decades. From Obamacare, to energy killing policies, to their anti-American trade pacts, Democrats have decimated American working class households. On top of that, Democrats constantly disregard working Americans and call them racists and homophobes.


Just now, after losing the rust belt to Donald Trump, Democrats are trying to figure out how to talk to working Americans.

Elizabeth MacDonald: Democrats are meeting right now in West Virginia to go over, on the schedule is “How to speak with regular voters” – meaning the Trump voters. How to talk to them. Have the Democrats lost their mind?… They called the Trump voter deplorable. They called the blue collar voting class irredeemable. And now they’re holding a confab on how again on how to speak to what used to be historically the core of their base. They are so alienating, elitist, finger-wagging that they have lost their minds and lost their minds and they’ve lost their way… How do you have a meeting about how to talk?… They used to talk to the working class. What happened? They are in an identity crisis!

Watch the rest… It just gets better!

Via Varney and Co.

For the record… Elizabeth MacDonald is a rising star on FBN.

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