Don’t Be Fooled=> #BLM and Democrats Are Responsible for the Chicago Kidnapping, Beating Racist Hate Crime

Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party are Responsible for this Brutal Hate Crime

A handicapped white male was kidnapped, gagged and beaten by a racist black Chicago gang this week.
The shocking video was put up on Facebook Live.

In the video Facebook user Brittany Herring and others gag, slap, beat and cut a terrified unidentified white male.
(Brittany’s Facebook account is still active.)


They scream at him “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck whit people!”
The video of the attack goes on for 30 minutes!


The man was very lucky he got out of there alive.

The kidnap victim was forced to drink toilet water.

Democrats Built This—

The left has made it sport to fake hate crimes.
And since the historic November election hate hoaxes are a dime a dozen.

There have been at least 17 faked hate crimes since the November election.

Black Pilled put together the complete list of fake hate crimes since Donald Trump’s victory.

As the brilliant and talented Paul Joseph Watson explained in a recent appearance on Infowars —

Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party are responsible for this attack.

Paul Joseph Watson: The racial narrative that’s been created by Black Lives Matter and has been supported by the media and it leads to situations like this. Yes, there’s an obvious connection. Black Lives Matter is not a (organized) group, it doesn’t have a headquarters, it’s an ideology. Ideologies lead to actions. It’s an extremist ideology. It’s a racist ideology. And it’s leading to racist attacks against white people.

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