Trump Wants Boycotting Democrats To Give Back Inauguration Tickets So Other People Can Attend

Trump Wants Tickets From Boycotting Democrats So More Americans Can Attend Inauguration

Trump has a message for all of those who are looking to boycott his inauguration: He wants your tickets. As the list of democrats who won’t attend Friday’s festivities grows, so does the opportunity for replacing them with Americans who want to attend and show their support for Trump.

Reported on Inside Edition, Trump didn’t mess around when talking about the tickets that will be available.

Trump — What happens to their tickets?  I hope they are going to give us their tickets.

Keep in mind, those who are boycotting the inauguration tomorrow are the same ones who told Trump to not act like a baby and to grow up when he suggested on the campaign trail that election could be rigged.


The question now is, will they grow up?


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