DNC Chair Candidate Bashes White People In Racially-Charged Forum (Video); Claims Video Evidence Is “FAKE NEWS”!

Democrats Keep Digging Themselves In A Hole

The Democrats are most likely closet fans of President Donald Trump and that is why they give absurd speeches like this one in which they openly bash and attack white people. They’re doing absolutely everything they can to ensure that he will win in 2020 with speeches like this.

Even the left leaning Bloomberg had some harsh words for the Democrats on Tuesday morning stating that the 2018 Senate map is going to be brutal for the Democrats and the author writes what she thinks the Democrats will have to do in order to get some life back into their rapidly declining party.

From Bloomberg:


To do that, they’re probably going to have to let go of the most soul-satisfying, brain-melting political theory of the last two decades: that Democrats are inevitably the Party of the Future, guaranteed ownership of the future by an emerging Democratic majority in minority-white America. This theory underlay a lot of Obama’s presidency, and Clinton’s campaign. With President Trump’s inauguration on Friday, we saw the results.

Grabien News was the first to report on the outrageous speech that was made by the Democrats. Now Sally Boynton Brown, the Democrat who made the wildly inappropriate comments about white people is claiming “fake news” about her comments.

From Grabien News:

Sally Boynton Brown has responded to the controversy her comments elicited. “Obviously they’re being taken out of context,” she said Tuesday. “I think that this is the issue we see with fake news. These media outlets take something completely out of context and sensationalize it, and now people across the country are sending me hate mail and thinking I’m saying something that’s not true.”



A Report By The Free Beacon Forced The Democrats To Abandon Anti-Israel Event Location

Most people didn’t hear about this, not only were there racially charged comments made at the event, the Democrats were going to hold the event at an anti-Israel event location.

From The Free Beacon:

A forum hosting candidates for chair of the Democratic National Committee changed venues following a Washington Free Beacon report revealing the original venue was owned by an individual with a long record of anti-Israel activism, according to new information obtained by the Free Beacon.

Candidates vying for chair of the DNC were scheduled to attend a forum Monday evening hosted at Busboys and Poets, a Washington, D.C. restaurant owned by anti-Israel advocate Andy Shallal.

The venue was switched early Monday to George Washington University, according to information obtained by the Free Beacon.

One senior official affiliated with a Jewish organization led by Democrats told the Free Beacon that the DNC is working to counter charges it has become less supportive of Israel under Obama’s leadership.

“The Democratic Party is desperately trying to convince the American public, which is overwhelmingly pro-Israel, that the party will break with the Obama administration’s anti-Israel diplomacy,” the source said. “They’ve already got a problem with Ellison. Apparently they decided they didn’t want another ostentatiously anti-Israel controversy.”


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