OUTRAGE: Hillary STAFFER compares Jeff Sessions To Racist Killer Dylann Roof


Kaivan Shroff Makes Outrageous Remarks Over Social Media

On Tuesday Dylann Roof was sentenced to death for killing 9 black church members in 2015. The victim’s families, still grieving from the savage murders, now know for certain that justice will be served to this hateful young man.

While the overwhelmingly majority of Twitter users praised the death sentence ruling and showed support for the victims and their families, another young man took the opportunity to make hateful remarks that are EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE and SHOW NO REGARD for the suffering and loss of the victims and their families. 

Kaivan Shroff, A CAMPAIGN STAFFER FOR HILLARY CLINTON (details further down in this article), took to Twitter shortly after the verdict ruling to make this statement:


TRUMP TEAM to GOP: you better get Sessions through as Attorney General, our backup Dylann Roof just got sentenced to death #StopSessions

Kaivan Shroff received numerous responses back to his tweet in a matter of moments prompting him to take the tweet down. Luckily someone on Facebook posted his tweet and then reposted it on Twitter; the proof is undeniable.


Below is the tweet that lead to the Facebook post containing Kaivan’s offensive Tweet.


Kaivan Shroff Was A Campaign Staffer For Hillary Clinton

Screenshots from Kaivan Shroff’s social media accounts.

His LinkedIn account shows he is in Digital Organizing at Hillary For America:


Hillary for America is The Official Campaign For Hillary Clinton.

His Facebook account also shows his affiliation with the Hillary for America campaign:


His Twitter account further solidifies his ties to the Hillary for America campaign with a photo that looks like it is taken from a campaign office:


From Kaivan’s Instagram account:


It’s obvious why Hillary Clinton lost; because her campaign made terrible choices in the people that they chose to hire. Case is point being Kaivan Shroff who worked in the DIGITAL ORGANIZING part of the her campaign. 




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