Disgraceful! Ben Stein Calls President Trump “Bozo the Clown” Then “Chuckles the Clown” (VIDEO)

Ben Stein is not a Donald Trump fan. And the Hollywood actor, lawyer and economist regularly spouts off against the 45th president. Saturday on Cavuto on FOX News Channel Stein compared President Trump to “Bozo the Clown.” Then he apologized and called President Trump “Chuckles the clown.”

“Someone queried me about whether I thought this was a beginning of a new Maggie Thatcher, Ronald Reagan revolution but I don’t think so. I think comparing him to Ronald Reagan is like comparing Bozo the Clown to Abraham Lincoln… I probably shouldn’t have said that about Bozo the Clown, Chuckles the Clown sounds better.”

This was on FOX News.

It was disappointing also to hear a couple of the hosts laugh at this insult.

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