DEVELOPING: At Least 5 Dead in Quebec City Mosque Shooting; Many On Social Media Are Calling It A False Flag Attack

Shooting At Mosque In Canada

According to a report from Reuters, a shooting has taken place at a Mosque in Canada in which at least 5 people have been killed.

From Reuters:

Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the mosque’s president told reporters on Sunday.

Earlier, a witness told Reuters that up to three gunmen fired on about 40 people inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center. Police put up a security perimeter around the mosque and declined to comment to reporters about the incident.

Reports are now coming in that say that 2 suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting.
Witnesses say they saw an AK-47, a common rifle used by Islamic terrorists.

The timing of the shooting certainly is suspicious as it has been discovered that George Soros is behind the efforts to stop Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban from countries that have strong ties to terrorism.

Many People Are Calling It A False Flag Attack