DeploraBall Organizers Return Tickets to Domestic Terrorists – And Include this Message…

On Monday, TGP reported here on James O’keefe’s first bombshell undercover video exposing radical leftists’ plans to disrupt President-elect Trump’s inaugural events, specifically targeting the Deploraball.

According to Project Veritas, shortly after the election they received many tips that radical groups were planning to derail President-elect Trump’s inaugural events. Various groups gathered together under the #DisruptJ20 umbrella. This particular meeting was with three organizers from the group, D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition.

The three far left agitators in the video were identified as Colin Dunn, Luke Kuhn and Scott Green.


All three of the domestic terrorists in the Veritas video purchased tickets to the DeploraBall. They were planning on attending the ball to create chaos and shut it down.

On Tuesday night DeploraBall organizer Mike Cernovich announced the event organizers refunded the terrorists for their tickets.

Mike included this message with the refund.

Message to protesters who purchased tickets:

We’re aware of the threats of domestic terrorism that were made b members of your organization. We’ve spoken with both the FBI and local law enforcement. Your photos are on file with our security. If you or anyone from #DisruptJ20 shows up, you will be arrested.

They will be locked up!

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