Democrat Party in Free Fall – Morphing into Anti-White Racist Hate Group

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Democrat Party is in a full scale free fall. After losing the 2016 Presidential election, the Senate, the House of Representatives, State Houses and Governors races the party has no where to go but up. But recent news shows that the party may go even lower.

After one black female Florida Mayor apologizes for calling a police office a ‘pig’ and the House members of the Black Caucus vowing to hang a picture in the Capital building depicting cops as ‘pigs’, its hard to believe they can go lower.


Democrats are in the process of picking their next Party Chairman or woman and the process is not going so well. The leading candidate for the position is a Muslim House member, Keith Ellison, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then yesterday, Democrats on MSNBC stated in agreement that the next Chairman of the Democratic Party should not be a white male:


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