Democrat Hacks Sets Record for Delaying President Trump’s Appointees

Democrats are breaking records for stalling and denying President Trump his slate of top cabinet appointees.

The childish “Party of No” has only approved three of Trump’s appointees as of Monday.



The Daily Signal noted that this obstructionism from Democrats was “unprecedented” and Sen. McConnell reiterated the same point during a floor speech last week:

“I urge colleagues to remember that we worked with the administration of former President Obama after he was first inaugurated…We confirmed seven members of his Cabinet the day he took office, and nearly the entire Cabinet was filled within two weeks.”

On Tuesday Democrats bumped up their stall tactics by boycotting committee votes on President Trump’s cabinet picks.

Reuters reported:

U.S. Senate Democrats on Tuesday boycotted a planned committee vote on two of President Donald Trump’s nominees, Steve Mnuchin to be Treasury Secretary and Tom Price to head the Health and Human Services department, making it impossible for the vote to go forward.

Democrats said they were delaying the vote because they wanted more information on Price’s stock trades in an Australian medical company and reports that Mnuchin’s former bank, OneWest, used automated “robosignings” of foreclosures, which apparently contradicted statements he made to senators.

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