Confirmed: More People, More Hotel Rooms Booked for Trump Inauguration than Either of Obama’s

As we pointed out throughout the months leading up to the election, crowd size matters.  President Trump was crushing Hillary Clinton in number of rallies and number of participants at his rallies when compared to Clinton.

These numbers, in part, led to us projecting a Trump win and probable landslide and we were correct.  Trump did win in an electoral landslide.  Nevertheless, the numbers at the rallies were significantly different between the two candidates and the one with the larger number of participants won the election.  (Note Deroy Murdock reported on our rally observations last week).

The media remained silent on the crowd size numbers when it was clear that Trump was crushing Hillary in this area.  But late last week the media finally reported that crowd size does matter.  CNN (Fake News) reported that President Trump’s crowd size was much smaller than President Obama’s crowd size in 2009, and CNN provided two pictures to show the difference.

However, the pictures in the article show the crowd size for Obama when he was speaking during his 2009 inauguration with the crowd from Trump’s inauguration approximately 3 hours before Trump spoke.

CNN’s report was another of their ‘Fake News’ lies.  The photos used in their post were not comparing apples to apples and President Trump’s Press Secretary pointed this out on Saturday in a special press conference.  Trump’s crowd was huge and every bit as big as Obama’s crowd in 2009.  Also, in CNN’s article they say that Obama had 1.8 million people in 2009.  This is now refuted and is more likely closer to 800,000.

Later CNN’s report was proven false by their own reporting.  CNN released a gigapixel of President Trump’s Inauguration and the areas they show as empty in their article from their January 21st report were filled to the brim in their more recent picture which was taken at the time of Trump’s speech during the Inauguration ceremony.

If you review the gigapixel closely you will also see Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama looking on with disgust.

You will also see Democrats looking on in angst and Judge Sotomayer apparently playing with her iPhone.

It is now clear that Trump had at least as many participants at his inauguration as Obama did in 2009, and probably more. 

Now this…
More hotel rooms were booked in Washington DC last week for the Trump administration than during either of Obama’s inaugurations.
Daily Caller reported:

President Donald Trump’s inauguration beat out both of former President Barack Obama’s when it came to hotels booked.

STR, an analytics company that tracks hotel bookings, reported that 91,000 hotel rooms were booked in Washington, D.C., Jan. 19 for Trump’s inauguration, according to The Wall Street Journal. The average rate was $358.69. Some of Trump’s 91,000 may have been for the Women’s March the next day, however, as hotel bookings for Jan. 20 went up to almost 100,000 booked. The march was Jan. 21.

Obama, on the other hand, had 90,700 hotel books for his 2009 ceremony and 72,000 for his 2013 ceremony.

Trump and the media argued over Inauguration Day attendance, and press secretary Sean Spicer came out Saturday to defend crowd sizes.

Post included previously reporting by Joe Hoft

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