Comedian Behind Barron Trump Play Is a Sick Psycho Trump Hater

The Twitter timeline of Shannon Noll, the comedian behind the new Chicago political comedy play targeting First Son Barron Trump, “Barron Trump Up Past Bedtime”, is littered with hatred of President Donald Trump and includes potential assassination comments and a retweet that names ten-year-old Barron performing a crude sexual act.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump make stricter gun laws and you won’t have to worry about a school shooting in your home.”

“Fuck Trump Gay Marry Pence Kill Hate”

Shannon Noll retweeted:


“Would Pence consider me cured if I transition to a straight white male? If so, I’ll take up sucking dick again.”

“When Disney makes an Anastasia-style movie about Barron Trump will they get fired, too? #keepkatierich”

(Anastia is based on the murder of the last Russian czar’s family; Katie Rich is the SNL writer suspended for making the original Barron homeschool shooting taunt.

Screen grab via Twitchy.

Screen images of some of the tweets were made by The Gateway Pundit in case of deletion.

Noll posted a promo clip of the play to Twitter in character as Barron Trump:

“Barron Trump speaks out! #Barron …”

“Barron Trump takes the stage this Saturday! Barron Trump is fair game in Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime”

Noll told the Chicago Tribune that Barron Trump “is absolutely not the butt of a joke.” Apparently the Tribune did not take a look at Noll’s Twitter page.

“It’s a variety show in the style of ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’ and it’s basically Barron Trump getting read a bedtime story, and then deciding to stay up past his bedtime and play with his imaginary friends,” Noll said Friday.

Those include: Ben Carson, a Trump voter from Indiana, a “woke young kid and her Auntie, who has just come in from India,” Betsy Ross and Vladimir Putin as “sort of a gossiping teenager.”

…”I noticed that I looked like Barron Trump and I thought that would be an interesting approach,” she said. She has brought on collaborators who will perform solo material (the aforementioned imaginary friends) “and I’m facilitating that as Barron Trump” as master of ceremonies.

“Barron Trump is absolutely not the butt of a joke,” she said.

Asked if she had any second thoughts about going ahead with the show, Noll said, “No, I sort of doubled-down.

“I was originally going to create a fake Trump child, but I look so much like Barron. And going into this, I specifically created this character so that he bears no resemblance in personality to what we’ve seen of Barron Trump. I’m just playing him as a generic kid.”

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