CNN’s List of Top Political Events in 2016: BASHES Trump; Praises Hillary


Bias Alert: Clinton News Network

CNN has compiled a list of 142 political events in 2016 that “both seriously and literally, actually happened during the last year.”

As usual CNN didn’t even attempt to be fair and unbiased in their list of political events.


Some stories were tallied more than once. For example:

36. Vice President Joe Biden mused about fighting Trump — who seemed to be open to it — behind a gym.

This story counts as negative for Joe Biden and for Donald Trump.

Number of Stories by Politician


Number of Stories by Ideology


The list contained 143 events, not 142 as was mentioned in the heading (the list contains a duplicate #5)

Complete List

Trump (Negative) 49
Trump (Neutral) 7
Alt-Right (Negative) 6
Cruz (Negative) 6
GOP (Negative) 5
Obama (Positive) 5
Ben Carson (Negative) 4
Clinton (Negative) 4
Clinton (Positive) 4
Obama (Neutral) 3
Christie (Negative) 2
Clinton (Neutral) 2
Cruz (Neutral) 2
Democrats (Negative) 2
Kasich (Negative) 2
Milo (Negative) 2
Rick Perry (Negative) 2
Ryan (Negative) 2
Sanders (Neutral) 2
Trump Jr. (Negative) 2
Baio (Neutral) 1
Bannon (Negative) 1
Biden (Negative) 1
Biden (Neutral) 1
Boehner (Neutral) 1
Brexit (Neutral) 1
Cameron (Neutral) 1
Castro (Neutral) 1
Comey (Negative) 1
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Negative) 1
Democrats (Positive) 1
Donna Brazile (Negative) 1
Farage (Neutral) 1
Fiorina (Negative) 1
Gary Johnson (Negative) 1
Israel (Neutral) 1
Ivanka (Negative) 1
Jay Nixon (Negative) 1
Jeb (Negative) 1
Kerry (Negativel) 1
Marijuana (Neutral) 1
Melania (Negative) 1
Pence (Negative) 1
Pence (Neutral) 1
Police (Negative) 1
Romney (Negative) 1
Romney (Neutral) 1
Rubio (Negative) 1
Sanders (Negative) 1
Scalia (Neutral) 1
Spencer (Negative) 1
Stein (Neutral) 1
Treasury (Neutral) 1

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