CNN Speaks With TERRORISTS That Say Trump’s Ban Will Help ISIS Recruitment; Protects The Identities Of The Terrorists!

CNN Speaks With Terrorists And Protects Their Identities

No, the title of this article is not a joke, it is real. CNN actually spoke with terrorists to get their opinions on President Trump’s executive order that halts temporarily halts immigration from seven countries overseas that have strong ties to terrorism.

CNN claims that the terrorists are “former-jihadists”, a claim that should be seriously questioned. Many of these Islamic terrorists are committed to dying for their cause yet CNN claims to have found terrorists that decided to call it quits.

From CNN:


President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority nations will be used by ISIS as a recruitment tool, giving the militant group a major propaganda boost, former jihadists have told CNN…

…The executive order, which blocks all immigrants and visa holders who are citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, reinforces ISIS’ narrative, according to former jihadi Abu Abdullah.

“It can play into their propaganda, to make it clear for anyone who could be in doubt, that it’s a war on Islam and all Muslims,” Abdullah told CNN over a messaging service. The names of the now-defected foreign fighters in this story have been changed to protect their identities.
Another former jihadi said the wedge being driven between Muslims living in the West and their governments is exactly what ISIS wants.

“[Trump’s] helped ISIS a lot, he’s basically being a tool for them in a way,” Abu Obaida, a British former Jabhat al-Nusra fighter in Syria, told CNN via direct message. “On social media right now there’s a lot of people quoting Anwar al-Awlaki (the late spokesperson for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) and his last speech when he said that America will turn on the Muslims.”

CNN claims that the names of these “former” terrorists have been altered to protect their identities.


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