CNN Says Network’s ‘Credibility Is Higher Than Ever’; Ignores Study Saying They’re Least Credible

CNN Claims Their Credibility Is Higher Than Ever

In response to Trump blasting CNN as “Fake News” CNN President Jeff Zucker has come out stating that their credibility is higher than ever.

From The Hill:

CNN President Jeff Zucker says President-elect Donald Trump’s attacks on his network are an attempt to “delegitimize journalism,” adding that CNN’s “credibility is higher than ever.”

“It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy,” Zucker told New York Magazine in an interview Wednesday.

“It doesn’t worry me that Donald Trump hasn’t done an interview with CNN in eight months. I think our credibility is higher than ever, and our viewership is higher than ever, and our reporting is as strong as ever. … Continuing to have an adversarial relationship with that network is a mistake.”

Study Shows CNN Is Least Trustworthy TV News Network

According to the Washington Examiner CNN is the least trustworthy TV news network.

From The Washington Examiner:

CNN is less trusted by likely voters than its competitors at MSNBC and Fox News, according to a new study.

However, the poll said a larger portion of Fox News and MSNBC viewers trust those networks.

Just 33 percent of those who watch CNN said they trusted the information they’re getting, compared to 43 percent for MSNBC. At Fox News, 50 percent said they trust the source.


FLASHBACK: Same CNN Exec Says CNN Is ‘Too Liberal’

Back in June of 2016 the same CNN executive who now claims that CNN is more credible than ever said that CNN is “too liberal.”

From Breitbart:

Not long ago, CNN’s top man said it was a fair criticism that his news network leaned too far to the left.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Zucker agreed saying, “I think it was a legitimate criticism of CNN that it was a little too liberal.”



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