Charles Hurt: Chicago Is So Bad Obama Can’t Move Back There WIth His Daughters (VIDEO)

The Obama legacy… Poverty, Riots, Food Stamps, ISIS and Rising Homicide Rates

Conservative Charles Hurt blasted Obama as he attempts to take a victory lap in his final days in office.

Oblivious Obama pens farewell as world burns down around him
The former community organizer has been a dismal failure – probably the worst US president of the last century.

Obama is planning a farewell address next week in Chicago – a place he has decided to move away from after he leaves office on January 19th.


Charles Hurt: Imagine what it must be like to be him and all he’s tried to accomplish over the last 8 years has been completely, totally rejected by the voters but he’s being replaced by a guy who aims to come in and piecemeal and undo it all… If you look around the world, find me one place either in America or in the world where things are better off today than they were 8 years ago? I mean Chicago is so bad he can’t even go back and live there with his daughter, with his family.

Via Varney and Co.:

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