Conservative Twitter Superstar Cassandra Fairbanks Attacked by Thugs at Inauguration (VIDEO)

Bernie Supporter Who Flipped To Trump Attacked at Trump Inauguration

Cassandra Fairbanks is a well known name to those who are big into social media, and to those who aren’t, she is worth looking into.

The BBC wrote a piece about her and her political views regarding the 2016 Presidential election because she made a decision that shocked people, a decision that many made voters made: She flipped from supporting Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump.

Fairbanks said she supported Trump over Clinton because she is anti-war and she doesn’t think that the U.S. should be intervening in the affairs of other nations. These are positions that Trump supports and she notes that Hillary Clinton is a very strong hawk which is a term used to describe someone who is hungry for battle.

Fairbanks decided to attend President Trump’s Inauguration on Friday in Washington D.C. and she was attacked by protesters at the event. Protesters spat at her, chanted “fuck you” at her, called her names, and elbowed her friend… because she supported Trump.

More tolerance.

Watch her describe the ordeal at the inauguration…


Cassandra Fairbanks Attacked At Trump Inauguration


Cassandra Fairbanks Explains Why She Flipped To Trump


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