In Case You Missed It, Liberal High School Teacher Attempts To Shut Down Ben Shapiro – Fails (Video)

A liberal high school teacher didn’t like what he heard from Ben Shapiro at a recent outing and tried to shut him down… But Failed.

Ben Shapiro was invited to speak at a high school assembly recently and drove a lib teacher CRAZY! As he took questions from the audience about redistribution of wealth, he explained why that never works and why many are poor in this country.

That’s when a far left teacher decided HE didn’t like what Shapiro was saying and stepped in.

Teacher — “Mr. Shapiro represents a narrative that he is providing all you guys based on his opinions, what he believes, and uh, and what he wants to share with all of you. I know the education was there for you to understand left side, right side, what not.  But also the opportunity was allowed for him to impress upon you some of his opinions about certain things…I think what this is getting into now is it’s starting to cross a line.”

Shapiro — “What would that line be?”

You can hear the disapproval from the audience and even one person says, “You are stepping over the line,” to the teacher!


Americans have had ENOUGH of liberal fascism!

Watch video exchange:

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