Buzzfeed Admits Liberal ‘Fake News’ No Longer Works – Points To Gateway Pundit as News of Future

Liberal Media Drops “Fake News” Attack Line

On Monday Buzzfeed published its latest attack on the conservative media outlets supporting President Donald J. Trump.

Author Charlie Warzel focused on the “alt-right” Trumpist outlets who helped push Trump over the finish line.

These popular conservative news outlets focused  on reporting the truth and not buying into the mainstream media’s constant drumbeat of fake news.

(from right to left) Mike Cernovich, Jim Hoft, and Lucian Wintrich at last Thursday’s DeploraBall in Washington DC.


Warzel’s articleThe Right Is Building A New Media “Upside Down” To Tell Trump’s Story” quotes Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” line from her interview earlier in the day when she was discussing the lies and bias that have already started circulating by the lying MSM only a few days after Trump took office.

The thing about news organizations that report “alternative facts” (if you want to call them that) is that they are actually facts.

Remember when every liberal media outlet claimed Trump is “racist against Mexicans and will deport  all of them.”; what he really said is he will deport *illegal aliens*. Or, remember when they said “Mike Pence wants to perform electroshock therapy on gay Americans“; what he really signed was a bill that basically supported sex-ed classes for people who wanted to alter their sexual behavior (which, at worst, is liberal and not conservative).

So there you have it, the lying MSM presents “facts” and we give them the “alternative facts” – in all these cases the “alternative facts” are the full stories.

The MSM has made a TON of money on selling specific details and leaving out the truth, they push identity politics, divisiveness, and applaud Socialism (which I hear is working *great* for folks in Venezuela).

Leftist propaganda is dying, and as Bill Mitchell correctly notes in Warzels article:

“It’s going to change the old media,” Mitchell said. “CNN and MSNBC need a voice at the table. So if Trump has a news conference and only calls on Gateway Pundit, then eventually CNN will say, ‘guys we need to change the ways we ask questions.’” Mitchell describes this tactic as “political judo,” which he sees as the hallmark of Trump’s negotiating skills — though others might see it as bullying. “The CNNs, MSNBCs, and the Reuters’ of the world who felt in control for so long? They might not get an answer to a question for a long time, and that will cause big media to come to him on his terms,” Mitchell said. “He’s painting them into the corner.”

Read Warzel’s entire article here.

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