Breitbart the Most Influential News In Washington?… Politico Says YES



‘The Weapon’

It’s hard to deny Breitbart’s impact on American politics and fortunately that is a good thing. Breitbart’s firebrand conservatism ruthlessly punches the liberal mainstream media straight in the mouth and hits’em again before they can respond.

Breitbart was one step ahead one the mainstream media and lead the populist movement which eventually became an avalanche leading up to the election. The scary part is that Breitbart is just getting started.

Politico released its ‘Playbook Power 30 List’ in which Breitbart was the only news organization on the list coming in at #25. Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon also made the list coming in at #5.


Politico’s tagline for Breitbart is ‘The Weapon’.

From Politico:

In a world where access to Trump and his inner circle are currency, Breitbart is rich. Steve Bannon ran the place ― until he left to work for Trump ― and made it into a full-fledged attack dog against what it considered wayward Republicans. The right-wing media platform has gotten a behind-the-scenes look at the Presidential Inaugural Committee and a radio interview with Bannon, who has largely kept out of the media spotlight since the election. In the future, as legislating gets into full swing, expect Breitbart to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire.

Drudge Snubbed?

Whenever power in politics is talked about inevitably Matt Drudge’s name comes up. While Matt Drudge may not be in Washington D.C. and may never speak to President Trump, it’s hard to imagine that Drudge isn’t among the most influential forces in Washington D.C.

If he wasn’t among the most powerful forces in Washington D.C. then why has the U.S. Government attacked his website multiple times over the last couple of weeks?



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