Breaking: Washington State AG To File Federal Lawsuit Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ (VIDEO)

Olympia, Washington- Washington state’s attorney general says he is suing President Trump over an executive order barring Muslim immigrants from 7 countries from entering the U.S.

Fox reports:

Bob Ferguson announced Monday that he is filing a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump, some high-ranking administration officials and the Department of Homeland Security. The attorney general’s office says the complaint asks U.S. District Court to declare unconstitutional key provisions of Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“No one is above the law — not even the President,” Ferguson said. “And in the courtroom, it is not the loudest voice that prevails. It’s the Constitution.”

The lawsuit seeks to invalidate the new policy nationwide. Trump signed an executive order Friday that suspends all immigration for citizens of the seven countries for 90 days.

“Ferguson argues that the Executive Order violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of Equal Protection and the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, infringes individuals’ constitutional right to Due Process and contravenes the federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

“Major Washington state institutions supported the Attorney General’s lawsuit through declarations filed alongside the complaint. In their declarations, Amazon and Expedia set forth the detrimental ways the Executive Order impacts their operations and their employees.”

This is one of the many federal lawsuits being filed against Trump’s executive order temporarily barring Muslim immigrants from 7 different countries from entering the U.S. TGP reported earlier that CAIR also announced a federal lawsuit against the so-called Muslim ban.

Trump’s executive order is lawful and the left will continues to waste money and resources fighting it. It is a fact that refugees are responsible for many terrorist attacks and the rape epidemic sweeping Western nations. Protecting American citizens is the first priority of the President.

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