Breaking: Code Pink to Hold Anti-Trump, Anti-Military Protest at Vietnam Wall on Thursday

The anti-American group Code Pink will be holding a protest of the military and President-elect Donald Trump Thursday at the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, the group announced in a press release on Tuesday. The protest is being held near the site of a pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial that day that will be attended by Trump.

The announcement by Code Pink prompted an urgent plea from a military mom for a “wall of meat”, a la Bikers for Trump, to be formed by patriots to protect the Wall.

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans with President Barack Obama at a fundraiser.


Code Pink has worked over the years since its founding by Leftist activists Susan “Medea” Benjamin and Jodie Evans, a Wicca named Starhawk and several other womyn in 2002 against the U.S., aligning and working hand in hand with state sponsors of terrorism, terrorist groups, the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama.

Code Pink held a weekly protest at the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. during the Iraq War under President George W. Bush where they held signs calling the wounded soldiers recuperating there “war criminals”.

Code Pink has traveled to and met with high-ranking officials in the Castro’s Cuba, Saddam’s Iraq, the Ayatollah’s Iran, Chavez’s Venezuela and worked/met overseas with Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban. Code Pink also raised funds for family members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, family members of Al Qaeda in Iraq aka the “the other side”, and for the overthrow of the Egyptian government in favor of their allies the Muslim Brotherhood.

Code Pink’s co-founder Jodie Evans served as a vetted fundraising bundler for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, co-hosting elite Hollywood fundraisers and donating tens of thousands of dollars to Obama and the Democrats while at the same time working with Cuba and Iran.

Code Pink’s statement announcing the group’s plans to protest at the Wall on Thursday.

January 19 2:30 PM Lincoln Memorial – CODEPINK will protest Trump’s Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration Concert. We will meet at the Soldiers Statue of the Vietnam War Memorial on the Mall just northeast of the Lincoln Memorial to welcome concert attendees with messages of ending war and militarism; welcoming refugees and immigrants; stopping hate, racism, and islamophobia; and more.”

Beverly Perlson, founder of the Band of Mothers, provided a statement to The Gateway Pundit Tuesday night in response.

How dare Suzie and her Code Pink Traitors who have the blood of our Soldiers on their hands, show up on the hallowed ground of the Vietnam Wall! These are the same shameful America hating women who carried signs out in front of Walter Reed calling our Wounded Sons War Criminals. It is my hope that all Patriots who hold our Soldiers dear show up at the wall on Thursday to defend and hold sacred the noble sacrifice of all who gavr their lives to keep us safe and free.

As the daughter of a Navy Veteran, the sister of a Marine, and the mother of a 82nd Airborne veteran, I hope a “wall of meat” is formed to protect the Vietnam Wall!”

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