Brave Iranian Immigrant Takes on Violent Far Left Mob at Milo Speech – Gets Harassed (VIDEO)

Violent Far Left Thugs Shut Down the Milo Yiannopoulos Speech at UC Davis on Friday

Milo’s speech was cancelled after violent intolerant liberals shut down the event over security concerns.

Violent leftists started several fights outside the venue.

The Hillary supporters brought hammers and bottles of urine.
Via Mike Cernovich:


Now this…
An Iranian immigrant attended the protest to support Milo. He was constantly harassed and abused by the protesters.

The Iranian man was screaming:

“Freedom of speech for Milo! I’m tired of these thugs taking lectures away!”

He screamed at the thugs:

“This is hate speech. You’re hate speech. You shut people down.”

This was a powerful video:

As Milo noted on this video, “How chilling is it that these savages remind this man of his home country?”

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