BLOOMBERG: The Democrats’ Rise Is Far From Inevitable

Bloomberg Columnist Speaks Truth About Democrats

In a scathing but brutally honest piece for Bloomberg, columnist Megan McArdle layouts the facts on why the democratic party is in meltdown mode.

From Bloomberg:

Why are the left’s public demonstrations more impressive than its voter turnout? Because there are a whole lot of Democrats in the large population centers where such demonstrations are generally held. People can join a protest simply by getting on the subway; it’s an easy show of force.

McArdle goes on to point out that towns across America are becoming redder than ever that the Democrats have “self-gerrymandered” into small but highly dense population centers where they can get a lot of voter turnout but not enough votes to win anything.


The Bloomberg columnist also states that the 2018 Senate map is going to be brutal for the Democrats and she says what she thinks the Democrats will have to do in order to get some life back into their rapidly declining party.

From Bloomberg:

To do that, they’re probably going to have to let go of the most soul-satisfying, brain-melting political theory of the last two decades: that Democrats are inevitably the Party of the Future, guaranteed ownership of the future by an emerging Democratic majority in minority-white America. This theory underlay a lot of Obama’s presidency, and Clinton’s campaign. With President Trump’s inauguration on Friday, we saw the results.

Let’s give Barack Obama credit for the one thing no other person in history has ever been able to do: He single-handedly destroyed the Democratic party.

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