America Great Again! FedEx Stands Behind Employee Who Rushed In To Save A Burning American Flag! (Video)

FedEx Stands Behind Hero

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit was one of the first to report on a FedEx employee who stepped in to save American flags from being burnt by a group of punks.

The event took place on Thursday when FedEx driver Matt Uhrin rushed in and broke up a flag burning protest in Iowa City, Iowa. Matt stopped his truck and ripped the flags from the protesters so they could not burn them in protest.

FedEx has released a statement saying that they are backing their employee and nothing will change with his employment status.

From Fox News:

His actions prompted praise on Twitter and led FedEx to issue a statement saying that Uhrin remains an employee and there were no plans to change his status, Fox & Friends reported Saturday.

An online petition Friday demanded that FedEx not fire Uhrin, the paper reported.

“Let’s make sure Matt Uhrin keeps his job at FedEx,” the petition said, according to the paper. “He was standing up for our American flag and should be commended, not punished.”

As of late Friday, the petition had collected some 3,000 signatures.


Currently the petition has 10,000 signatures.



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