Migrants From AFGHANISTAN Were Behind The Horrific 3 Hour Rape Streamed On Facebook Live in Sweden!

Immigrants Carried Out Horrifying Act On Facebook Live

On Sunday police in Sweden were notified about a woman who was being raped by a couple of men. The rape was being streamed on Facebook live where a hundred or more people were watching the horrifying broadcast according to a Swedish newspaper.

In a new development, it has now been revealed that the two men who carried out this absolutely horrifying act are migrants from Afghanistan.

From The Sun:

The two men, aged 18 and 20, who are both from Afghanistan, were arrested in the city at the weekend after police were tipped off by social media users, it was reported by The Local newspaper.

The third man, a Swedish citizen aged 24 according to court documents seen by The Local, was detained on suspicion of failing to reveal rape which shocked the world after it appeared on Facebook live.

All three men are denying the accusations with their attorney making light of the evidence.

From The Local:

The men deny the accusations. “I have seen stronger evidence in my days,” the 24-year-old’s lawyer, Andreas Welin, told Swedish news agency TT after the pre-trial hearing.

“A woman is said to have been raped in an apartment. He is suspected of that,” said the 20-year-old’s lawyer, Christer Söderberg. “He denies any criminal offence, he has given in my opinion a perfectly coherent story about what happened. I cannot go into details, but he has told me in a way that is not contradicted by anything else,” he told TT.



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