Crackpot Actor Shia LaBeouf Carted Away by Police While His Cult Chants “He Will Not Divide Us”

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Anti-Trump actor Shia LaBeouf was carted away by police in one final meltdown.

Actor Shia LaBeouf announced last week the launch of a 4 year long continuous anti-Trump livestream where his cult like followers chant “He will not divide us.”

It didn’t take long for the unhinged actor to suffer a meltdown.


LaBeouf was seen over the weekend getting physical with smaller counter protester.

Now this…
LaBeouf was carted away by police last night while his crazy cult-like followers were chanting, “He will not divide us.” 

LaBeouf attacked a man, pulled him off camera and hit him.
The man called the police who swooped in to arrest the unhinged actor.

It looks like he did divide Shia from his cult!

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