Actor Michael Keaton Goes On CNN, Talks Donald Trump And Fake News!

Michael Keaton Goes On Trump Rant On CNN

In what started out as a plug for his movie about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, Michael Keaton decided to take the typical Hollywood jabs at President Elect Donald Trump. It is evident this interview had nothing to do with the movie and was just the platform to bash to Trump.

Keaton said in the interview “The president-elect, wow is that hard to say. Was given, and there’s no doubt he probably worked hard. I can’t judge that, I wasn’t there. But he was given a lot.” later adding that he has a hard time with the term ‘President-Elect Donald Trump “Because it’s a worrisome thing.”

Keaton even made a mild attempt to defend Buzzfeed with their fake news story on Trump.  The liberal meltdown is continuing and the Hollywood elite will most likely never get with the program and acknowledge reality.



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