WTH? Taiwan High School Students Parade Around as Nazis [Video & Pics]

What was this all about?

This was not a joke. This was real. A group of students at a private high school in Taiwan dressed up as Nazis and then proceeded to conduct a Nazi like parade.

From the Taipei Times:

Students at a private high school in Hsinchu City yesterday [December 24th] sparked outrage after photographs of them in Nazi costumes at a cosplay event a day earlier went viral on the Internet.

Photos of a class at Hsinchu Kuang Fu High School wearing costumes resembling Nazi uniforms and carrying swastika banners were shared on Professional Technology Temple (PTT), the nation’s largest online academic bulletin board, triggering an outcry from representative offices, government officials and netizens, with some saying the incident yet again showed Taiwan’s ignorance of international affairs.

A photo among those that were previously posted to Facebook showed students dressed as Nazi soldiers standing in formation, while another one showed a student riding in a tank made of cardboard boxes and performing a Nazi salute

Photos from the Parade


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