WOW! CNN Brings On Carrier Employee to Bash Trump for Saving Jobs (VIDEO)

CNN scoured the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indiana to find the one disgruntled employee to come on and bitch about Trump.

They brought on the local union spokesman to complain about Trump saving their jobs.

TJ Bray, the Media Communications Representative for the local union, United Steel Workers Local 1999/Carrier Unit, went on CNN to bitch about the deal.



TJ Bray: We feell like, you know, we thought you were going to save all the jobs. We have 1,400 people at the facility — union, factory, regular jobs — and he didn’t say anything about the 400 that were already going to stay… So you know, it kind of seems like it was a dog and pony show. We were happy that no doubt some jobs were saved but disappointed we are still losing a lot of workers.

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