Wisconsin Recount Update: Trump Picks Up 84 Votes – Builds Lead on Hillary

Well that was a waste of money.
After several days of recount Donald Trump picked up 84 votes and a net 26 votes on Democrat Hillary Clinton.


And Jill Stein has blown $3.5 million on a wasted recount.
The Blaze reported:

At this time Trump leads by 22,000 votes as of December 5th, and while errors have been found, the gain/loss ratio hasn’t done much to change the current standing. In fact, the recount has only rewarded Trump with 26 extra votes.

The breakdown looks like this:

Trump has lost 302 votes.
Trump has gained 386 votes.
Trump net vote gain by Day 5: 84 votes

Clinton has lost 293 votes.
Clinton has gained 351 votes.
Clinton net vote gain by Day 5: 58 votes

Trump total net gain: 26 votes

The recount deadline is December 13th, and at this time the more densely packed counties aren’t remotely close to finishing up their recounts. This also includes absentee ballots in Milwaukee, which have not been included in the totals.

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