More Winning: Trump’s Favorability Rating Up 17 Points – Right Track Number Best in 4 Years

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More Winning—
More Americans believe the country is on the right track now than before the election.
In fact, it hasn’t been this high in nearly four years.

FOX News reported:

And most Americans are optimistic about the president-elect’s major agenda items.

As hard as it may be for many Democrats to believe, the Trump honeymoon is real –and could be durable.

The first big-name, reliable poll taken since the election has lots of good news for the president in waiting. The survey from Bloomberg pollster Ann Selzer shows that 37 percent of adults believe the country is on the right track.

“Big whoop,” you say. But it hasn’t been that high in almost four years. More significantly, only 49 percent say the country is on the wrong track, the lowest in the more than seven years of the poll’s history.

That can be attributed to two factors: happy Republicans and a record high in those withholding judgment: 14 percent.

Donald Trump’s favorability has jumped 17 points since August.

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