WATCH: Diamond And Silk GO OFF On John Kerry And Obama Over Israel (VIDEO)


John Kerry and Obama’s recent decision to slap Israel was purely political and disgusting. Diamond and Silk have released a new video in response.

They are not happy:

“Hey y’all. I’m sitting there watching my TV minding my own business the other day, getting prepared for the new year. And I know that something went down with Israel because I saw Kerry on TV talking about them. I’m not sure I know what went down but I do know that Kerry must be slipping in all that Heinz ketchup, cause he’s tripping. Israel is our ally, so that means we have to have their backs. I don’t care if their back is small and our back is big, we still have to have their backs.”

“Oh, but you got Obama. Obama looks like he may be out of touch. He was out of touch with this election. He was out of touch with the American people. And now he is out of touch with Israel.”

Watch the whole thing:


How are they wrong?

The truth is they aren’t wrong at all. Diamond and Silk have more sense than Kerry or Obama.

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