Wash U’s Men’s Soccer Team Suspended over Sexually Explicit Online Comments …From 2015


Washington University men’s soccer team was suspended over sexually explicit comments made online in 2015.

Members of the women’s soccer team notified authorities of the 2015 comments this week.

The Provost said the comments “suggest an unacceptable culture.”



The AP reported:

The men’s soccer team at Washington University in St. Louis has been indefinitely suspended for what the university calls sexually explicit comments and other inappropriate behavior toward the women’s soccer team.

Members of the women’s team alerted administrators Wednesday. The suspension of the men’s program was announced Friday night.

The university says in a statement that comments made toward members of the women’s team in an online document from 2015 were “degrading and sexually explicit.”

Provost Holden Thorp said in a statement that the allegations “suggest an unacceptable culture.” The university declined further comment.

Three men’s teams in the Ivy League have been involved in suspensions for similar behavior since November: Harvard University men’s soccer, some members of Columbia University’s wrestling team and Princeton University’s men’s swimming and diving team.

One comment at the Wash U student paper reads:

Yeah, tell me again how women don’t discuss the … dimensions … of male athletes. How women jocks are in the locker room reading Emily Dickinson to each other and parsing Susan Sontag. How women soccer players don’t rank the sexual attractiveness of male athletes. Do tell.

There’s no reason any longer to send a boy to college. Neo-marxist feminist psychos have tasked themselves with the reprogramming of half the population.

On the bright side, boys can use the women’s locker room if they call themselves girls. Yay.

$65K per year for this. And that’s after tax, so it’s really $130K.

If anyone finds the 2015 online comments please shoot us an email.

Remember guys, women want approval for their professionalism and ability and NOT their looks…
…Until they don’t.


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