Unhinged Libs Put Trump Building Under Water in New Stunt Cuz Global Warming (VIDEO)

The Sierra Club shined images of rising seas on President-Elect Donald Trump’s Iconic 40 Wall St. property, “The Trump Building” to show the destruction of Trump’s environmental policies.

The Sierra Club shined water images on the Trump Wall Street property to represent the rising seas under a Trump administration.

It’s freezing in New York City tonight.
I think we’ll be fine.


Here’s the video…

Via The Sierra Club:

The nation’s largest environmental organization drew attention to the stark contrast between the parade of climate science deniers among Trump’s transition staff, White House appointees and cabinet nominees, and the action which the world needs in order to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Sierra Club also specifically singled out Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency and a climate science denier.

“President-elect Donald Trump will be the only head of state in the world to deny the science and dangers of the climate crisis, and he has followed through on that extremism by putting fossil fuel industry hacks and other climate deniers in the most prominent positions in his new administration” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. “It’s not just the American people who won’t accept inaction on the climate crisis, it’s a world united as one which came together through the Paris climate agreement.”

The light projection of rising seas sweeping over Trump’s iconic building was accompanied by advocacy messages lining the pillars of the structure, including “Don’t Trump the Planet”. Other buildings on Wall Street were illuminated with messages opposing Trump’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. They read: “Don’t let Pruitt Trump the Planet” and “Polluter Pruitt will make EPA ‘Every Polluters’ Ally’ ”.

“Having Scott Pruitt in charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires” said Brune.

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