*Ugh* Speaker Paul Ryan Says Congress Will Not Wall Off Entire US-Mexican Border

Paul Ryan STILL thinks he’s the boss.
He just doesn’t understand that he takes a backseat to Donald Trump.

Ryan told “60 Minutes” on Sunday that Republican lawmakers are not planning on walling off the entire Mexican-US border.

Trump vowed last week to build a wall on the border during his speech at the Carrier plant in Indiana.


Bloomberg.com reported:

President-elect Donald Trump’s much-discussed Mexican wall may be a fence in places, or a barrier, or something else that secures the border, said House Speaker Paul Ryan, who also rejected the idea of a deportation force to move undocumented immigrants out of the U.S.

As Trump himself has dialed back some of his fiercest campaign rhetoric on immigration policies, Ryan — who said he now speaks to the president-elect almost every day — will focus on securing the border in whichever way makes sense, he said in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview broadcast on Sunday.

“Conditions on the ground determine what you need in a particular area,” said Ryan, according to a transcript provided by the network. The speaker, whose Republican-controlled House will be instrumental in helping Trump address many of his policy promises, said that while a wall may be warranted in some places, other spots may just need double fencing or some other type of barrier.

Trump’s campaign took a hard line against illegal immigration from its start in mid-2015, and his promise to erect a border wall became a rallying cry for his supporters. As recently as the president-elect’s victory-tour rally in Cincinnati on Dec 1, the crowd was chanting “build the wall.”
Undocumented Immigrants

Vice President-elect Mike Pence reiterated the incoming administration’s vow in a Sunday television interview, saying the U.S. will build a wall and that there are “a variety of ways” to get Mexico to pay for it. For his part, Trump also said in an interview after the election that part of the wall on the 2,000-mile (3,200 kilometer) border could actually be a fence.

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