TRUMP to Paul Ryan at Wisconsin Rally: “We’re Going to Build the Wall, Paul!” (Video)

Thousands of Wisconsinites waited outside in the freezing cold to see Donald Trump in West Allis tonight.


Tonight Trump told the Wisconsin crowd we’re going to say Merry Christmas again.
–And Trump pointed to Paul Ryan to say we’re going to build a wall!

Donald Trump: Speaker Paul Ryan, where’s the speaker? Speaker Ryan. He has been, I tell you, he has been terrific. And you know, honestly, he’s like a fine wine. Every day goes by I get to appreciate his genius more and more. Now, if he ever goes against me I’m not going to say that. He’s a great guy and we have some amazing things in store. We’re going to work on taxes. We’re going to work on Obamacare. We’re going to work on things and he’s going to lead the way. So…

Crowd: And the wall!

Donald Trump: Oh, we’re going to work on the wall, Paul! You think we’re playing games. Somebody said the other day, well now that Trump won he’s really not going to build the wall. We’re going to build the wall, Ok?

Trump is holding several Thank You tour stops this week in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Alabama.


Via Hannity:

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