Trump Calls Out the Liberal Media in Baton Rouge: “We Have Exposed the Credibility of the Press” (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister at American Lookout:


Donald Trump made an appearance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today. He called out or crooked, biased media during the event. Trump said:

“Somebody said, these guys, these reporters… They’re business reporters…”

(Boos from the crowd)

“The one thing we have done, we have exposed the credibility of the press. They have the lowest credibility of anybody. And our popularity – I say “our” because this is a movement and we’re all in this thing together. We’re all in this together but we’re shooting up. We’re like a rocket ship, right? Maybe because I don’t like $4.2 billion dollar aircraft. Somebody said: How much is that gonna cost? $4.2 billion. I said $4.2 billion? I think we’ll do it for a little bit less.”

Trump is right about the press, they have lost their credibility.


And with each passing day, they’re only making it worse!

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