THREE WOUNDED IN SHOOTING Near Zurich Islamic Center (Video)

Three people were wounded in a shooting today near an Islamic Center in Zurich!

This came after a terrorist drove a truck through a Berlin Christmas Market today killing at least 9 shoppers.

The AP reported on the attack in Zurich:

A gunman dressed in black stormed into the prayer hall of a mosque frequented by Somali immigrants and opened fire, wounding three people before fleeing, a Zurich police spokesman said Monday.

Police, who rushed to the scene in a central neighborhood known for trendy cafes and the city’s red-light district, were also investigating a possible connection to the discovery of a corpse at nearby Gessner bridge over the Sihl River, police spokesman Marco Bisa said.

Authorities weren’t considering the attack as terrorism, he said. Police also said it was too early to determine whether there might be any link to an incident in Berlin also on Monday, where a truck rammed into a Christmas market, killing at least nine people.

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