THEY’VE LEARNED NOTHING: Hollywood Liberals Prepare ‘New Wave’ of Political Activism


Having learned nothing from their stunning loss a few weeks ago, liberals in Hollywood are getting ready to double down on stupid. They think that if they’re just more condescending to the American people, it’ll work this time.

Variety reports:

Election Results Spur New Wave of Activism in Hollywood

As the reality of Donald Trump’s presidency sets in, a new wave of activism has taken hold in Hollywood. Mourning over Hillary Clinton’s loss has given way to soul-searching and a renewed sense of commitment. From organizing protests and forming action groups to harnessing social media as a megaphone, actors are becoming activists — using their celebrity status to draw crowds and attention to progressive causes.

“Since the election I’ve had so many people reach out to me expressing their feelings of frustration,” says filmmaker Ryan Piers Williams, who’s married to America Ferrera. “The one consistent question I kept getting is, ‘What can I do? How can I take action?’ ”

Williams reached out to leaders across various communities — LGBTQ, black, Latino, Muslim, women, native American — to find out which organizations are making a difference right now. His strategy? Create a website as a hub for people to learn more, and to provide immediate opportunities to take action through donations of time or money. The result — — lists a range of causes, from the Trevor Project and the ACLU to supporting Louisiana Democratic Senate candidate Foster Campbell in his run-off election Dec. 10.

The site is pared down and simple, with little sense of the celebrity muscle powering it. “I see it as down-and-dirty activism,” says Williams. “There’s nothing glamorous about it. I’m just trying to offer a tool for people to be inspired, to funnel their energy to positive change with the issues that they care about.”

They really don’t understand what happened in November at all.


Rather than trying to learn what didn’t work, they’re just going to roll out more stupid videos featuring Lena Dunham and friends. Because that worked so well the last time.


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