TEEN VOGUE WRITER Cheers Abuse of Ivanka Trump and Her Children – Tweets PEOTUS Trump to “Eat Sh*t”

What a lovely young woman.
She ought to have a long prosperous career in the liberal media… Maybe she’ll run for office some day as a Democrat?

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca cheered the awful thugs who abused Ivanka Trump and her children this week on an airplane.

Duca tweeted out her support for the verbal assault of a young woman and her children.

Duca went on with Tucker Carlson to defend her outrageous remarks. She defended her tweet because Ivanka Trump deserved to be harassed because Ivanka “has it all” and because she was Donald Trump’s daughter.


Tucker Carlson totally dismantled this awful woman.

After the show Lauren Duca went back to Twitter to tell President-elect Trump to “Eat sh*t.”

That was her Christmas Eve message – what a lovely woman.

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