SNL Likens Trump to Monkey with Machine Gun


After eight years of a Black Democrat as president where such behavior was cause for firing and online flogging, it is politically correct again to liken the president of the United States to a monkey now that Republican Donald Trump is president-elect.

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update aired on December 17 featured a joke by Michael Che comparing Trump to a monkey with a machine gun.

“…Taking the presidency away from Donald Trump now is like giving a monkey a machine gun and then trying to wrestle it back from him. At this point all we can do is pray that he can’t figure out how it works, gets bored and just puts it down and walks away.”

Video of the segment was posted to Twitter by Politico’s Ken Vogel.

“Michael Che compares Trump presidency to a monkey w a machine gun:”just pray that he can’t figure out how it works, gets bored & walks away””

Image via Legal Insurrection.

Democrats and liberals skewered with impunity then-President George W. Bush with monkey comparisons all during his presidency. When Barack Obama became president in 2009 all such comparisons were deemed racist and resulted in people losing their jobs and being publicly shamed on the Internet. Now that a white Republican is soon to be president again, de-humanizing the president is politically correct again.

Link to full clip of Weekend Update at NBC.

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